Our Method

Committed to Service and Servicing Communities

Bolt Atlanta thrives on the mutual success of our clients and our employees. We firmly believe a strong team environment and passion can electrify the most bland of projects to create exciting and dynamic results!

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Bolt to the Books!

Commitment to Quality

We place a considerable level of importance on learning and training on the background, values, and missions of a client to truly personalize their desired marketing outcomes. Throughout the course of a contract, we will continuously refresh our employees and actively try to gain a comprehensive understanding of our client’s brand.

Bolt to the Banks!

Commitment to Results

We are so confident in our abilities to acquire the desired outcomes that we only charge based on those results. There is a little-to-no financial risk for our current and future community-servicing partners!

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Bolt to Brand Loyalty!

Customer Acquisition Redefined

Bolt Atlanta emphasizes acquiring long-lasting customers by personally managing accounts, answering inquiries, troubleshooting - you name it! The goal is longevity!

Just Bolt!

Great and Immediate Results

While our clients' particular needs may vary, the experience, skills, and professional approach we bring to each project always ensure we get the job done right. Speed to market is our specialty! With the extensive marketing tools and tricks up our sleeves — we can take a campaign from zero to live in 24-48 hours!